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Westside Gunn H8 (Double Album)

Again I have linked with the home team to be part of a classic album. This record is the closer of WSG Hitler wears hermes series. I produced "Blessed times" "Mariota" "Spoonz" and "Munch". WSG really had an esthetic in mind while working on this record and it manifested in a double album. Towards the back end of the record before it went to post-- I wasnt quite sure what had landed on the project. I sent alot of beats and he picked alot of beats that he liked. I was present for the "Blessed times" and "Mariota" session but "Spoonz" and "Munch" spanned over a few sessions and I wasnt there.

My idea after linking with Gunn for the first session was to provide some color and mood to the record and that is why "spoonz" and "munch" have a warmer brighter texture. The homies snapped on "spoonz" !!! This was my first time working with Conway, which was exciting because he was the first music I ever heard from Griselda. All of the production on the record was dope! Denny was excellent the whole record, Monk's production was flawless as always-- what an amazing project to be part of, I am truly thankful!

The record is out on all DSP. Stream it, cop the merch and physicals when they drop.

- Conductor out.

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