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Westside Gunn - Frank Murphy (VIDEO)

Peace to the homie Obsur8. Brilliant how this record came out-- beautiful mix my the legend Young Guru, it was an honor for his ears to touch this track. The first quarter of last year I decided I didn't want to make 'good' beats any more. My shit was too safe, I wasn't challenging myself or the artist I worked with to imagine. I took some time, prolly about a week-- to dig into what I enjoyed most about some of my favorite joints. Also I dug into where I could go next as an artist-- This joint and Eshon Burgundys "staircases" spawned shortly after. It makes me so happy knowing that Frank Murphy is so polarizing!! A lot of people ABSOLUTELY HATE this record, and its not because they don't understand it-- its because they just don't like it. Then there are people that believe this is the GREATEST posse song in the past 20 years. Every emcee killed, and this visual brings it all to life. I am beyond thankful to all involved. Be sure to stream the video and flood the comment section with 🚂 🚂 🚂.

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