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Mach-Hommy X Conductor Williams - The Stellar Ray Theory (Audio)

Mach-Hommy #prayforhaiti drops 5/21 make sure yall pre-order the album and support the art. I produced a couple on the album and I cant wait for yall to hear the sounds. I met Mach earlier this year in ATL-- we spent about 2 hours or so just vibing and listening to beats. Mach was showed so much patience while listening to beats, I was playing all kinds of shit-- I played him every bit of 50-60 beats, he listened to them all and we explored where we could take advantage of them creatively. I love the vibe on "the stellar ray" Mach voice cuts the record perfectly... what a talent, I told yall in 2019 I was only focusing on working with the best lyricists-- only the best creatives, because I deserve it but also because I want to learn from the best and most creative in the buisness-- Peace to my Griselda family

Pre order "Pray for Haiti"

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