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In Search Of Champion Sound Instrumental Lp

Peace Peace-- New instrumental out now, CD release only as of this post there are 15 copies left available! Do not miss out on this release! I put alot of heat on here man, mostly joints that led me to the link up with Westside Gunn.

I released it hard copy only cause I want y’all to load it up and play it. I want it to feel like you came to the studio and I dubbed you a copy— kinda that more personal exclusive feel. I’m not gonna stream it either. Just gonna keep hitting y’all with more art.

To reflect In search of champion sound is what happens every time I turn on a drum machine, and if we are being honest as a creative community it is what we all are in search of every time we lace up. Champion sound looks and sounds different to everyone but the feeling is what unites us. That ugly face when you hear a raw beat, for me it goose bumps on the back of my neck!! When I get those I know I’m in some shit!! Lol.

Spread art

Spread love

Thank you for the support. Play this shit as loud as your phone or laptop can go 🔊🔊🔊🔊


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1 comentario

08 dic 2020

Waiting to buy this.

Me gusta
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