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Conductor We Have A Problem Restock**

This beat cd is centered around alien abduction-- cause that's kinda how I felt when shit really started popping off last year. An early favorite on this album is track 2 "man myth legend" which was in the batch that gunn picked "Frank Murphy". I was hoping he would pick man myth legend tho!! Either way it was a fire way to start off this instrumental tape, this cd sold out fast!! I am so appreciative for the support too-- since the release I have gotten a TON of messages from fans saying that they missed the drop, or they had other bills to pay. I even had someone tell me they were seriously contemplating buy my CD over enfamil for their baby! Look, ladies and gents-- that's NOT what I am not about, conductor love the kids!!! So peep, Imma restock-- this past monday I ordered up another batch for those that missed out! 5/21 will be the drop date. Subscribe to my website and become a part of the UNION for updates! More tapes on the way! Much love to you all!!


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