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I linked with the observer a few months ago to create a badge that would represent and unite us all. You all truly back and support me just like a blue-collar labor union protects and supports their workers. Every day I am blessed to wake up I work on being a better artist. From my sample choice to timing, I study the game and strive to push myself to the limits of my creativity.

I wanted to create a badge to represent my union and tribe of individuals that love my music and carry a strong passion for pushing culture forward. This badge represents persistence, hard work and dues paid— so use it! Add it to your food truck, post on your social media, print it and post in your record store! What ever business you have or dream you are chasing, know that I am honored to provide the score and soundtrack for it! Understand, you can manage following your dreams and family. I am proof. Go withIN or go withOUT.


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